I'm a big fan of horror and the supernatural in their many forms, so whether it's movies, tv shows, novels or comic books, it is something I've loved for years and I wanted to find a suitable medium to show off my ideas and I think these art postcards are a great way to start this.

The postcards draw their influence from Roman and Greek mythology, literature and the more modern takes on Hell, demons and the Devil. Each set of art postcards are housed in a black envelope which is sealed with red wax.

I think I've managed to inject enough humour into what can be a dark subject and I hope this shows In the illustrations that show off this particular version of Hell.

A Postcard From Hell Logo

Charon's Ferry Crossing Service: If you want to get to the Underworld then Charon is the guy to get you there. What he lacks in conversational skills he makes up with the ability to row and shine a lamp at the same time. Don't bother asking if he takes contactless payment, as an oar in the face usually offends. Cash only!

Beelzeclub: It's the hottest club in Hell ( har har ) and is the place all the movers and shakers of the underworld like to let their hair down. Great bloody mary cocktails!

The Grand Infernal Hotel: Let the bellhop take your luggage ( after you've struggled up those stairs ) and check in at the most luxurious hotel Hell has to offer. Don't even try and steal the towels!

The Hellhound Inn: There's nothing like a nice refreshing pint of beer at the local pub at the end of of a hard days work but unfortunately the beverages here are a bit on the warm side. Demons and expired naughty mortals alike are welcome.

I Want You: The Uncle Sam image has been replicated in one way or another so many times and this time it's the Devil who wants you, so what are you waiting for? Come on down!     

Cat In Hell's Chance Casino: They said that you can't take it with you, well they were wrong. The bright lights of Hell's main gambling strip are beckoning you to come and spend your after-life savings and visit the most popular casino it has to offer.

Whether it's Blackjack, a spin on the roulette wheel , the one armed bandit or a spot of bare knuckle demon fighting that get's your juices flowing and empties your wallet, they have it all and more.

Dante's Doughnuts:

Dante Alighieri told of nine circles of Hell but now there's a tenth and it's sweet, tasty and filled with fatty goodness. Available at all good and terrible Hell-based supermarkets.

Dante would be so proud.

Each card has one of these wonderful images on the front and has been left blank on the back.