Current Cthulhu Kickstarters: A Small List

We all know that Cthulhu is and always has been a pretty big deal but when it comes to his place in the mainstream he's never been bigger. Toys, books, comic books, clothing, it's all available.

Now as you may know I'm currently running a Kickstarter campaign which Involves this Great Old One, but there's a few more really cool Kickstarter projects at the momet so I made a short list, here it is:

Cthulhu Buddies Minifigures & Sticker Cards

The Minifigures

The Minifigures

This is a wonderful idea, it's a mix of 'Monster In My Pocket' and 'Cabbage Pail Kids'.

The perfectly formed minifigures that stand 40mm tall, have Cthulhu as different characters such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and a skater. There are currently six minifigures in total accross the first 2 series of figures but there is a stretch goal in which they will release the 3rd series of figures if they hit that figure.

Cthulhu Buddie Stickers

Cthulhu Buddie Stickers

I must admit the artwork in these is wonderful and I said previosuly, reminds me of the famous 80s stickers The Cabbage Pail Kids, although a much less disgusting version!

There's 80 stickers in total to get and they come in packs of 5 and if you fancy yourself an entire box, you get 36 packs.

A Box Of Cthulhu Buddie Sticker Packs

A Box Of Cthulhu Buddie Sticker Packs

They also offer some great extras such as t-shirts and a colouring book.

Call of Cthulhu - The Movie

An animated movie based upon "The Call Of Cthulhu" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" is brought to you by Walter Rastelli, a young Italian director.

Rastelli first caught the Lovecraft bug when reading an old battered copy of "The Call of Cthulhu when he was fifteen years old. This has manifested itself in this ambitious and extremely interesting take on the previously mentioned stories.

The story sees a young student finding some documents and a clay statuette of a monster, left to him by his great-uncle. He's goes through the notes and starts to piece together stories from different times and places.

Another student decides to embark on a journey to the harbour town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts...

R'Lyeh Concept Art

R'Lyeh Concept Art

There are plenty of cool items for potential backers to grab hold of. From T-shirts featuring amazing artwork to the Blu-ray of the finsished movie itself. There's even a soundtrack.

Some of the rewards

Some of the rewards

I really hope that this talented team reach their target and make this movie a reality, as I can tell that this is a real passion project.

Corporate Cthulhu: The Mythos Tales of Bureaucratic Nightmare

This very interesting take on Cthulhu seems like something you wouldn't necessarily need to be a Lovecraft fan to enjoy, although it probably helps.

Bringing the Cthulhu mythos into the twenty-first century and mixing it with the worst parts of big business is a really clever idea and makes a great point that the giant corporations that rule this world are to be feared at least as much and in some cases more than the monsters that sit and wait at the bottom of the sea.

Ninteen stories lie wait for you in this book although if the stretch goals are reached there will be even more added to this list.

Rewards range from the digital copy of the book, paperbacks, various other books by the raft of different authors and signed books.

This is a great modern take on Cthulhu and I emplore you to check it out.

Lovecraft and Cthulhu Gift Wrapping Paper

Come on! I couldn't very well leave my own project out of this small and perfectly chosen list of amazing Cthulhu Kickstarters, could i?

Lovecraft gift tag

Lovecraft gift tag

Featuring a classic Cthulhu and H.P Lovecraft gift wrap and then a Christmas version of both along with accompanying gift tags, these will improve any present. A stone, some twigs, empty boxes of various sizes, you can wrap one of these up and they will probably never see the light of day as who in their right mind would want to tear this lovely wrapping paper.

Cthulhu Gift Tag

Cthulhu Gift Tag

So there ends our little list of Cthulhu Kickstarters that are currently alive and well on Kickstarter(as of 8th October 2017, If you reading this 10yrs in the future who knows what's on Kickstarter!). I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope it inspires you to head over to Kickstarter and take a more indepth look or to even start the journey of your owen Lovecraftian project.

Until next time.

New Etsy Store Now Open

For those of you that love nothing more than to stroll the virtual aisles of Etsy, then good news! Devil and Co have taken over a small, dark, sinister and probably damp corner of the Etsy world.

Click on the below image below to be sent through a web-based worm hole and over to us at Etsy.

Whilst browsing Firebox I came across a really cool book that contains a polygon-style mask of either a fox or a skull. Now this is just the kind of thing I like so I did a little googling (other search engines are available of course) and found

Steve Wintercroft and his wife Marianne have been designing and supplying all sort of magnificent masks ever since Steve made a Halloween mask which was well received by his friends.

There's a plethora of amazing masks to choose from including Halloween and half masks. The masks are sent as downloads so you can print them off at your own leisure. There's advice including a video to show you how to do this.