10 Current Kickstarter Projects

"Yay another list!" I hear you cry. Well who doesn't love a list right? Plus I think list form may be the only way I can actually write.

Seeing as I ran a successful Kickstarter myself I thought I'd take a gander at any horror related projects currently running and make a list for your pleasure. If you wish to check out any of the Kickstarter pages please click the it's image. Enjoy.

Six Hot Chicks In a Warehouse

Well the title is certainly an attention grabber, which is a good job as that was exactly the reason why it was chosen. Simon P. Edwards is the main man behind SHCIAW and he came up with the title first and then built up the plot from there.

The title is certain to have a mixed reaction but from what I've read it seems like the actresses are going to be serious characters and not purely slasher fodder as can be the case in some movies.

I think this looks like one to keep an eye on as from what I've seen on the Kickstarter page the cast looks really good and the story is certainly original and a great set up for a quality movie.

Simon has reached his main £4000 goal but also has some stretch goals left to achieve, so head over to their Kickstarter page if you want to find out more.

H.P. Lovecraft Birthplace Marker

The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council feel that the there should be more reminders of the great writer in his birthplace of Providence, Rhode Island. So far they have managed to have a memorial square named in his honour, helped brought about the Lovecraft Bronze Bust project, which placed a bust of the man into the Providence Athenaeum Museum and to top it off they hosted the NecronomiCon ( Very clever ) Providence which is the largest gathering of Lovecraftian devotees back in August 2013 and again in August 2015.

Their latest quest is to mark the spot where the man himself was born with a granite and steel permanent marker and plaque.

They've already reached their goal but say that any extra money they make will go towards phase three and their most ambitious project yet which is to create a full-sized statue of H.P.

Imps and Monsters - Ten Years of Art by Justin Hillgrove

Another project that has smashed its target to smithereens with plenty of time to spare.

This looks to be a wonderful collection of truely amazing art, including a great Charlie Brown/Ash from The Evil Dead movies mashup.

Justin Hillgrove's art deserves to be available in a book such as this so it's great that his goal has been reached. There is another stretch goal which I'm sure will be overtaken and there's plenty of cool and interesting rewards still available.

Sinners Comic Book - Issue 2 - Before a Fall

Hope Martinez wakes up dead one morning ( Don't you hate it when that happens? ) , discovers her boyfriend has been murdered and to top off her weird day gets given a limo in which she is to drive around the good ol' US of A gathering Sinners whilst being guided by creepy GPS.

This comic book sounds like exactly the sort of thing I like to read and I'm going to have to get in on this Kickstarter for sure.

The writer and letterer is a cool looking guy who goes by the name of Simon Birks ( which also happens to be his actual name ) who not content with writing and lettering comic books has also co-written a movie ( The Search for Simon ) , a sitcom, plays and Doctor Who Novellas. He also acts! This is one talented guy ( I hate him so much ).

RHStewart is the illustrator supreme and the cover artist is Erol Debris.

These guys have created something that has grabbed my attention and when I first read the synopsis I thought it would make a great television show as it's such a cool premise.

Have a look at the Kickstarter page and get involved quickly as this deserves to be made and there's not long to go to help it over the line.

Semiautomagic: Horror by Alex de Campi & Jerry Ordway

The second comic book on the list is this modern techno/Lovecraftian treat that featured in Dark Horse Presents.

Semiautomagic follows occult investigator Alice Creed who is an average girl from an average town who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There's magic in the world of Alice Creed but not the usual kind we are used to, there's no myths and legends here, it's a much more modern take on the genre.

Writer Alex de Campi along with line artist Jerry Ordway and colourist Marissa Louise are a seriously talented team and this is another graphic novel that is right up my street with plenty of the elements I enjoy.

There's lots of cool rewards on offer here and although it has already reached the funding goal there are some great stretch goals to help it reach.

Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party

This is a great idea for a web series and from watching the Kickstarter video it's clear that the acting is going to be at a top notch level.

The series will feature the likes of Edgar Allan Poe ( Obviously ), Annabel Lee ( From Poe's poem of the same name ), Lenore ( Also from a Poe poem ) and also famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway and H.G Wells.

They have some cool rewards such as a personalised name placeholder, stickers and If you have recently come into some money the chance to be a producer.

I recommend having a further look at this and also at their Youtube channel which I've just subscribed to!

The guys at Shipwrecked Comedy need $55000 to make this a reality and they are well on their way to doing just that. I hope they make it as I for one look forward to seeing the finished product and well...Ravens!

MachiaVillain - Horror Mansion Management Game

I've always wanted to be the manager of a haunted house of some sort, maybe even a mansion that could be described as horrific. But let's be honest, the chances of some long lost strange great uncle leaving me one in their will are slim at best. But not to fear, the next best thing is this great looking managment game for PC, Mac and Linux.

You take the part of the evil villain and your role is to build up your mansion and make it as scary as possible all the while keeping your workers happy.

The artwork is great, there's lots of different monsters, cool rewards such as some very nice t-shirts and awesome higher tier rewards.

Have a look at their very funny Kickstarter video by clicking the main image.

Pinstripe - An Adventure Through Hell

Wow, wow some more wow and a little splodge of wow on top. You may as well add a side of wow to go with it.

Whilst watching the 2 min 40 video I was struck by the stunninly beautiful visuals and lovely music. If the gameplay and story are even half as good then this is going to be some game.

What is all the more impressive is that Thomas Brush ( creator extraordinar ) has put this together by himself while working and going to college. Way to go my friend you make me feel like one lazy bastard ( which of course I am ).

Pinstripe is a 2D adventure game about ex-minister Teddy who has to explore Hell in search of his daughter Bo, who has been kidnapped by someone claiming to be God.

It's only $15 to get a steam key for the dowloadable version of the game which seems like a pretty good deal to me.

The game is 60% complete so if you want to be part of getting this game completed then head on over to the Kickstarter page for a closer look.

Sunset on the River Styx

The filmmaker Aaron Pagniano's passion for this project really comes accross in his high quality Kickstarter video in which he sits at a bus stop and is joined by Joseph Papa who is a producer and Idan Menin who is Cinematographer. All three look like the kind of cool movie makers I'd hand over my cash to ( if i had any ).

The movie itself is a horror featuring vampires but definitely not the Twilight type as it shares more with the likes of 'The Shining' and 'Suspiria', which sounds very promising and can surely only be a good thing.

The cast and crew have a ton of experience working In different areas of the movie/television world so it would seem if they can raise the amount needed, this movie could be very special indeed.

P.S I am reliably informed there will be plenty of blood.

City of Lost Souls Graphic Novel Vol 1

Serial killer Matt Jordan kills his final victim before killing himself but unfortunately for him he wakes up in his own personal Hell surrounded by his victims. Freed by Soul Collector, Soku he finds out that the only way out of this is to find the mythical City of Lost Souls.

Having the serial killer as the main character is something you don't see too much so I'm interested to see how this works. This interesting element plus the horrifying black and white art work combine to make what should be a true horror graphic novel worth your time and pennies.

The writer James McCulloch and the artist Janine Van Moosel have completed the work and now just need help to get this printed so the risks to the backer here are almost nil.

Some of the extra perks you can get include some cool t-shirts and art prints.

As with the rest of the list please click the above image to go straight to their Kickstarter page.