10 Cool Gifts For A Zombie Lover

Whether they're fast, slow, bloated, naked, dressed as a police officer, mostly or slightly decomposed, we all love a zombie...Am I right? With that in mind I've compiled a list of a few cool items available to buy out of a sea of rotting zombie merch out there.

Slow Joe Zombie Mug

Wow this is one seriously detailed piece of mugware ( Is that a word? ). The time and effort gone into this Zombie mug really needs to be applauded.

The mugs are made to order so that means pre-ordering them. They are currently available at turkeymerck.com for $220. Expensive but when you factor in the craftmanship and the look on friends and family members faces it might just be worth it.

Zombie Photo Shoot

Ever wanted to be a zombie but without the smelliness and annoying thirst for brains? Or perhaps you find your boring photo albums just a bit too mainstream? If so then this may be just for you.

Award winning Horrify.me.uk offer you the chance to experience a very different type of photo shoot as you can release your innner zombie ( or vampire, demon etc ) either on your own, with friends and family and even your children can have fun covered in fake blood.

I think this is a great idea and would make for a great themed family photo album.

Custom Zombie Portrait

This would make a great talking point at any dinner party. Imagine your guests marvelling at your zombified visage hanging above the fireplace ( or in the toilet? ).

This along with lots of other types of portraits are available at the etsy store Custom Art Portraits.

Crawling Dead Zombie Doorstop

What better to stop those Zombie hoards from breaking down your door and feasting on your nether regions than a doorstop in the form of a crawling zombie. £21.99 at Magentacrow.co.uk.

Zombie Ice Mould

Ice Mould

Perfect for cooling you down when you are sweating over the inevitable zombie apocalypse. £7.50 at Suck.uk.com.

Zombie Pen Holder

A great place for your pen or pencil to rest when you are finished writing out your zombie apocalypse weapon list. Amazon.co.uk.

Game Over Mario Brothers T-Shirt

It's Mario and Luigi as you have never seen them before ( Unless you've seen this t-shirt before or have very disturbing nightmares ).

This design is available in both Unisex and women's t-shirts. It's by ShantyShawn and you'll find it on RedBubble.com.

Zombie Tarot Cards

A beatiful set of Tarot cards published by Quirk Books and designed by Paul Kepple and Stacy Graham.

In each set lies a 78-card deck along with a 96-page booklet ( In full colour! ). And the box is very impressive itself. Hats off to the designers here.

For more details go to Quirkbooks.com.

The Walking Dead 'ZPAK' Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit

You can never have enough zombie apocalypse gear and this little gem packs a bunch of stuff into this BPA free bottle that should come in handy.

So if you want to be the next Daryl or Rick then head over to Shopthewalkingdead.com and have a closer look.

Zombie Foot Dog Toy

Let your faithful pooch join in the zombie craze with this amazingly simple yet impressive looking dog toy. Hours of fun to be had. Pick it up at Lazyboneuk.com.