5 Very Good Horror Websites

No need to fear as I have another list of things, this time I'm concentrating on horror-based websites and this time the list is 5 things long not 10! Boy do I know how to mix it up.

No doubt you will have heard of a few but maybe there's a couple of surprise gems for you. Click on the images to link straight to that respective site.

Body Count Rising

This Pennsylvania based site is one I'm regulary lured over to, mostly via their tweets. They have lots of Blu-ray, DVD and film reviews which I find really helpful when choosing whether to watch a movie ( especially the more obscure ).

Blood Guts

Blood Guts is a UK based horror site that features the usual blog and review sections as most sites do but it also has quite a large selection of Interviews with horror's great and good which are always worth a read.

The Slaughtered Bird

A fellow Liverpool based website that was founded in 2013 by cousins Chris Barnes and Stephen Harper. This site offers reviews of movies, books and comic books, Interviews and even their own merchandise

They've sponsored and attended festivals and and conventions and have to be one of the best independent UK websites around.

Slaughtered Bird Creations is an extension of the website that will help produce comic books, a podcast and also films all under The Slaughtered Bird umbrella.

They also featured 'A Postcard From Hell' during it's Kickstarter campaign so I thank them for the support.

The Horror Honeys

The Horror Honeys are acollection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths ( their words not mine ) that love to write, live tweet, interview and most importantly rant and rave, all in the name of horror.

This is a really good site and I love that each each honey has their own speciality ( revenge, sci-fi, supernatural etc ) but make no mistake they're all about the horror he end of the day.


Horror-Fix.com is filled to the brim with horror goodness. News, reviews, contests and their own shop is just the start of it.

They are another lot that featured 'A Postcard From Hell' so another round of thanks for that!