A Devil a Day #10

It's been a while! Anyway here's the 10th Devil for you to feast your eyes on.

I love the Bioshock series of games and for anyone who has played Bioshock Infinite you will recognise this image. If not you can still surely alppreciate this devil artwork.

A Devil A Day #7

Again, apologies for not posting yesterdays Devil but I have a life you know! Ok, you got me, I don't BUT I am really lazy.

Wow this is the most disturbing artwork featuring evil bunny type minions I have seen this week.

It's called 'Minions' and is by Jason Levesque aka Stuntkid. 

And if you thought Illustration was the only talent then you are wrong, sir! Stuntkid is also a photographer and adventurer. Have a looksee at his website.


5 Very Good Horror Websites

5 Very Good Horror Websites

No need to fear as I have another list of things, this time I'm concentrating on horror-based websites and this time the list is 5 things long not 10! Boy do I know how to mix it up.

No doubt you will have heard of a few but maybe there's a couple of surprise gems for you. Click on the images to link straight to that respective site.

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